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Rise and Climb – Coffee to get you up that project

I’m a serious coffee fan. I love my Aeropress and attribute all of my hard sends to it’s endless dedication to my addiction. I know  I’m not alone here, I see coffee at almost every crag I visit and most climbing villages revolve around the best cafe in town.

I’ve also been know to express order my favourite beans while on a road trip when I run out or do a major detour to find a roaster with good quality produce.

Hit me up with your coffee stories.

Crag dogs talk chalk

Crag dogs, crag dogs

My gym has a very liberal policy on letting dogs into the gym. I love having animals included in the everyday lives of people. We are far too often removed from the ‘natural world’ so to speak and I think having animals around is a great reminder that we humans aren’t alone.

I imagine the  dogs that visit our gym have interesting discussions on the strange ritual of climbing that we all perform.

Hitchhiking valentine

I think about quitting my job and going on an endless climbing road-trip almost every day. The thought of throwing caution to the wind and seeing what the gods will throw at me is super exciting. I watch van conversion videos and trawl blogs of people on their dream climbing trip with envy.

Perhaps tomorrow i’ll take my gear to the highway exit wait for the right car to pick me up…

Crag Dogs

I’m a dog lover. I live in an apartment that doesn’t allow dogs or pets of any kind so I don’t have a crag dog of my own. I’m always patting all the dogs at a crag and watching them run around having a fun day out just like their owners. I often wonder what they think as their owners head off grunting up a cliff. Do they wonder what is up there that must be so interesting? Do they want to follow?

Often when i’m climbing in Spain there are more crag dogs than there are humans and the skills you need to apply to keep your food safe are as necessary as the climbing ones. I’ve even been lowered into a full on dog fight once which was more scary than any whipper I’ve ever taken.

Rock Climbing in Australia

I grew up in Australia and learnt to climb in the blue mountains. A lot of people I talk to are irrationally afraid of the dangerous animals and insects that live in Australia and I often find it a lot of fun to play on their fears.

It’s certainly true that we as climbers got and stick our fingers into places that could get us bitten but I’ve never heard of it happening. All the little creatures are far more scared of us, than we are of them, when they hear us coming they get as far away as possible.

Ultimate Beta

There can be only one. Yes this is the best beta to shout at your friends when they are sucking on their proj or just looking a little down.

Remember that this is the time of year where depression is very prevalent so if you see a friend that could be suffering make sure you extend a hand.