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Climbing Shoe Problems

Climbing Shoes,

I love climbing shoes. I love shopping for new ones and taking friends – especially new climbers – shoe shopping to find their first suitable good-fit shoe. I currently have four pairs on the go and a few old pairs waiting for the next DWS trip. I’ve found that La Sportiva are the shoe that best fit my foot shape (high arch, narrow taper toes) but I’d really like to try a pair of the new SoIll shoes, they look amazing.

I think there are quite a few misconception around climbing shoes. For some strange reason these seem to be propagated more by good climbers than ignorant noobs. The number one misconception is that super-tight shoes will be better for your climbing! This is absolutely not the case. As soon as shoes are painful to walk from where you put them on to where the climb starts you’re shoes are too tight. Too tight shoes are not helping they are just making climbing less enjoyable for no reason. Shoes that are a good fit and that suit your foot shape are what’s important. You should try on all the available brands and see which suit your foot the best. All the shoe companies use a different foot base model so they will all be slightly different and might suit you more or less than another brand.

Climbing shoes are expensive and getting a suite of shoes costs a lot, but let’s face it what else are you going to spend your money on :p

Rock Climbing in Australia

I grew up in Australia and learnt to climb in the blue mountains. A lot of people I talk to are irrationally afraid of the dangerous animals and insects that live in Australia and I often find it a lot of fun to play on their fears.

It’s certainly true that we as climbers got and stick our fingers into places that could get us bitten but I’ve never heard of it happening. All the little creatures are far more scared of us, than we are of them, when they hear us coming they get as far away as possible.