Ultimate bouldering brush

Thinking I might put this on Kickstarter. Not sure this would be the final configuration as there are probably things like a lighter or others that I haven’t thought of. Any suggestions from the audience?

I was also looking at my chalk bucket and thinking that it could be brought up a level into a modern masterpiece with a few gadgets. I was mainly inspired by the bluesmart.com luggage with it’s built in greatness. I think boulder mats could be pimped with some tech as well.

I think we’ll see many more fun products come out for climbing in the next few years. Well I hope so anyway.

3 thoughts on “Ultimate bouldering brush

  1. Hey,

    I like this concept as a bouldering tool. The overall design looks solid and sturdy. I have some suggestions and comments for improvement possibly:

    – It would be nice to see 2 versions of the tool: one with just the essentials (2 brushes, filer, nail clipper, and maybe a roller for your fingers) and another one with anything else that you might have mind in addition to the “essentials”

    – The tape dispenser doesn’t seem very practical as someone mentioned on reddit that it probably won’t get refilled

    – I’m not sure if the laser would come in handy

    – The charger seems like a cool idea but keep in mind you would have to support both Apple and Android phones

    – It would be convenient for the tool to be able to clip on a harness or even chalk bag strap

    These are just some of the suggestions I had in mind.


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